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Margarella is an approved MWEBE Contractor with most agencies of the City of New York. We are DOT approved with an in-house expeditor to pull permits.

Margarella Asphalt and Concrete has 15 years experience working with municipalities and all agencies of NYC.  We have serviced contracts issued by every level of government and delivered emergency service following Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Irene.

Making sure the roads in your neighborhood are good to go during any season of the year is a matter of public safety, public trust, and responsibility. If your municipality needs new roads, road repair, or replacement, Margarella Asphalt and Concrete is qualified to handle these projects. As an approved contractor with most agencies of the City of New York, we handle major municipal paving jobs while staying on-time and on budget.

Each paving crew can pave 120,000 sq. ft. per day. 
We have paved streets and parking lots from the Bronx to Holmdel, NJ.

Whether your project is large or small, we can get it done on time and on budget…every time!


Emergency Contracts

Margarella Asphalt and Concrete is experienced in all aspects of emergency restoration relating to road, sidewalk and public access restoration.  Our company has been lauded for its ability to work quickly and to deliver quality restoration within a reasonable budget.

While other companies believe that it is acceptable to offer sub-standard products under emergency repairs, Margarella Asphalt and Concrete always delivers quality work within a reasonable budget.  We understand that temporary isn’t always short term, so we do our best to ensure that our repairs have the longest possible lifespan.  By doing this, we ensure the best value for the public dollars spent.  

When dealing with emergencies, it is important to know that the contractor you are dealing with is experienced, reliable and can deliver a quality product quickly.  Margarella Asphalt and Concrete has an excellent reputation in all aspects of emergency restoration.

No project is too large or too small for Margarella Asphalt and Concrete.